New beginnings

After nearly a decade, last week was my last week at Microsoft. I’ve decided to join Oculus VR and help them make consumer virtual reality successful.

The reason I learned graphics and game programming in the first place was to build deeply immersive virtual worlds. The natural next step is VR, and I believe we’re much closer to having compelling consumer virtual reality than many think.

Naturally, my blog posts (yes, I will start writing more again!) will start containing more VR subjects in addition to other topics. Hopefully everyone’s as excited about the area as I am.

Here’re some planned posts I’d like to write soon:
1. Common gotchas when adding VR support to an existing graphics engine not written with VR in mind.
2. Deep dive into the Windows Flip & Present models. Breakdown of the different DXGI swapchain flip modes, and what actually happens when you call Present, including some more advanced topics and debugging tips. I’ll also talk about the tradeoff between latency & throughput that picking different models causes.

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